Race Calendar


Venues and Dates are listed below.

Each Event will be accompanied with a Race Invitation link which will open up a Word Document containing further information on that particular race.

Following from our AGM SDAS are now running 1 x 2 races in which time will be combined. So unlike our previous seasons you will no longer be able to change dogs per day. Your dog team(s) MUST remain the same both days to be allocated points/positions. One day entry is available to those who cannot attend both days however no points/positions are allocated for one day entries.

Our Entry Form and Dog ID Form are generic for all our events. They must be filled out/signed and sent via email to the correct email address (listed below).

Entries will NOT be accepted from any other social media platform. 


SDAS Fun Weekend – Culbin – 9th/10th October ***CONFIRMED***

SDAS Champ Race – Culbin- 30th/31st October ***CONFIRMED***

SDAS Champ Race – Darnaway – 11th/12th December ***CONFIRMED***

SDAS Champ Race – Culbin – 15th/16th January ***CANCELLED***


**********UPDATED 20 January 2020***********

SDAS Champ Race – Ford – 3 stage 19th/20th February ***CONFIRMED***

SDAS Champ Race – NEAR St Andrews Scotland – 5th/6th March ***PLANNING IN PROGRESS***

SDAS AGM – NEAR St Andrews Scotland – 5th March at conclusion of racing ***TBC***

Ford – 26th/27th March ***UNDER REVIEW***


To enter our races please fill in the corresponding SDASENTRYFORM21-22

and DOGIDFORM and send it to Sharon Turrell via email sdasraceentries@gmail.com


***Non members are reminded to send a copy of their up to date and valid insurance along with their entry***

If you are unsure of the insurance companies we accept more information can be found here


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