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History of SDAS

In 1990, three people from Auchterarder, with a passion for Spitz Breeds and related sled dog activities, got together to discuss the whole sled dog scene in Scotland.

Neil Brown, owner of Alaskan Malamutes since the early 60s, and Rick & Keron Miller, novice owners of Malamutes and Siberian Huskies since 1988, recognised the need to promote the pursuits of sled dogs and put Scotland on the sled dog event map.

At that time there was no recognised sled dog organisation in Scotland. Like the government, everything was organised “down South” aside from the big Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain event at Aviemore every January. Residents north of the border could only gather in informal groups, on the occasional Sunday, take the sled dog teams out and then go home.

In 1991, the Sled Dog Association of Scotland held its inaugural meeting. A committee sits at the centre of the SDAS, always serving the needs of the membership. It has its own set of rules and code of ethics which only changes, at AGMs, if the membership wish it so.

The Sled Dog Association of Scotland was the first Scottish specific body to put together a calendar of events in Scotland which have included novice sled dog workshops, invited guests from sled dog kennels in the US, seminars on nutrition, weight pulls, long and short distance racing/trekking events and many more informal events including agility competitions and barbecues. A magazine called the Sled Dog Ecosse was also formerly produced twice a year sharing news and views from the members.

The essence at the heart of the founders of the Sled Dog Association of Scotland has always been to enjoy their sled dogs in the activities for which they have been developed, be sportsmanslike in everything relating to SDAS events, keep the well being of their dogs always at the top of mind and HAVE FUN.

The Association has evolved over time and today has a wide membership and a busy calendar of sprint races.

The recent years, SDAS became the provisional member federation for the UK within the IFSS, and is proud to have been fundamental in the development of the British Sleddog Sport Federation,  giving its full support for the acceptance of the BSSF as the GB member federation for the IFSS.   SDAS continues its close connections with other local, national and international sled dog racing groups, and gained membership to the World Sleddog Association  in September 2013, representing Scotland.

SDAS has seen the successful introduction of a fair qualifying process for selection of ‘athletes’ to represent Scotland or the UK at IFSS / ESDRA / WSA World & European Championships.  SDAS National Championship races are attracting entries from all accross the UK and history was made in the 2013/14 race season as SDAS hosted the very first IFSS sanctioned World Cup event ever to be held in the UK!

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