The SDAS Committee

Meet our wonderful Committee below…

Each individual brings something unique and special to our team and works together tirelessly to ensure you all have a wonderful time at our events. We pride ourselves on making our events as safe, relaxed and as fun as possible for both you and your dog(s). We are a dedicated team who volunteer our time and effort for you all

Chairperson/Race and Events Co-ordinator: Ben Turrell


I have been racing dogs since 2008 when I entered my first canicross race with my then rescue Siberian Husky Storm. I promised us both I’d never do Canicross again and I didn’t.

Over the last decade I have been actively involved in racing and training both Siberian Huskies and Hounds which me and the wife share a kennel of 30 with. They are pretty much a lifestyle now as opposed to a hobby.

SDAS has always been important to me as it offers the opportunity to race both registered Nordic breeds and unregistered dog at the same event/venue. Owning both breeds this was the perfect organisation for me to race with. Now having spent the last 5 years being part of the Committee it’s been amazing to give back to others and share the enjoyment I get from organising our events with the help of our fabulous team! I spent many years helping organise cross country and show jumping events (my mum owned a few horses, my sister was a champion show jumper and my dad was chairman of the pony club) so holding/running events comes as a second nature to me.

I started off with running only a few dogs (Siberians) steadily working my way up the classes until nowadays where you’ll happily find me driving an 8 dog or 6 dog Siberian or Hound team. I always strive to make our events as enjoyable and as fun as possible whilst still keeping the spirit of competition alive and good sportsmanship to the upmost.

Secretary/Membership and Race Entries: Sharon Turrell


I’ve been involved in working dogs since 2008/09 starting off with a few Siberians (adding a few more) then adding a few hounds into the mixture for good measure. Having a kennel of working dogs can be hard work sometimes but utterly worth it. Spending the time training them, seeing their hard work and determination pay off and how happy they are to be in harness is just epic.

For the last few seasons Ive been mainly preoccupied with running the timing system for races so haven’t really been able to get the dogs out racing myself, but hopefully with The Wise Wizard n board for timing I’ll be able to rectify this and get myself out on the rig again.

SDAS has always played an important part in my life, even before I started doing Committee work. It was an organisation I was able to run both my Nordic and Open breed dogs at, an organisation where I always felt welcome and relaxed and an organisation where I always had fun. Im happy now to be giving back the enjoyment I got from many years at events to others.

Plus I love admin. Im pretty much a glutton for punishment

Treasurer: Paul O’Donnell


I have had huskies since 2006 and I’ve been involved in competitive racing as soon as they were old enough to enter their first event. The dogs have pretty much taken over my life/all my spare time and I now own 6 Siberian Huskies and 2 Police Dogs; A Belgian Malinois and Springer Spaniel.

Over the years I have been involved on and off with working on the SDAS committee in various different roles and I’m unsure how I was convinced to come back again as Treasurer!! LOL!! I joke, I genuinely enjoy working as part of the team we have.

I’m looking forward to helping get some normality back to life post Covid, especially being able to get the dogs back out racing. I’m the proud father of 2 mini mushers although sometimes I do think the dogs are a lot easier to look after than the kids. I thank my blessings for my wife Heather. She organises and looks after the lot of us!!

You’ll normally find me at races helping out or looking for a moments peace, but between jobs feel free to come up and chat – Please bring coffee, I’m a father of two young boy, I need the caffeine 😉

Sponsorship, Prizes and Race Reports: Tracy Thomas

Tracy1I live in Fife with my Siberian Huskies (I have more than 1, less than 15) and my whippet. I enjoy spending as much time doing energetic activities with them as I can.

I work them in harness and, having always been a keen runner, I canicross with them. My first husky, Wilf, canicrossed marathon distance with me, I run ultramarathon distance and am training Warwick, who is currently doing half marathon distance with the whippet, and Watson to join me on these longer distances.

I also do non competition obedience, I have achieved the Gold award in the KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme with 4 of my dogs, silver with one, and hope to soon aim for bronze with the youngsters. I also occasionally show my dogs.

I also do a lot of walking and backpacking with them, and have achieved AMWA Backpacking scheme awards.

I have been racing for just 9 years, I compete in the 3 dog Nordic breed category, occasionally the 2 dog NB, and am looking forward to my first season with an entirely new team.In my spare time I have a full time job, all going well, I’ll retire in just under 4 years and then I can have all of the dogs (more than 1, less than 100 😉 ) !

Timing Wizard : Ewan ‘The Wise Wizard’ Robertson


I’m Ewan aka Mr Snopeak and stay near Edinburgh. I’ve been involved in sled dogs since last century, ran with all the main organisations and a few that are no longer here, competing at up to 20 races per season.

I have always had huskies but have run open class when my lab cross or pointer were in my teams, running between 1 and 10 dog teams at races.

My remaining dogs are enjoying a more leisurely pace these days and I can often be found on the start line chatting about competitors with my delightful voice resonating around the forests at larger events!

I founded the first sled dog charity in this country, introduced the scooter discipline to the UK and before clubs had websites I created my own, which initially was just an online calendar then along with a friend developed it through various redesigns to where it is today, but the calendar has remained to help people plan their working season.

Find my website here: Snopeak

Mono Sports Representative/Event Support : James Bootle Leonard


I have been involved in dog harness sports for about 9 years ago, starting canicross with my beloved Widdle (shepherd collie cros) who we lost last year. From there I fell in love with the sport and the relationship that can be gained working in symbiosis with your companions. I was never a great runner, and have always liked my mountain bikes, so the progression to wheels was inevitable. I have had the pleasure and pride to win the latest BSSF Bikejor Series champs with my GSP BB, who is 7, and done well at various levels racing canicross with Rose (Scandanavian Hound) and scooter.

I am now focusing solely on the bike with Corrie (greysther) and aiming for the ICF Worlds in April 2022….

I am now at the point where I wish to contribute back to the sport that has changed the life of myself and my dogs.
I am genuinely looking forward to providing an experienced Monosport point of view.

Event Support: Keith Hutchon

Well, where do I start? I was never really a dog person, but Caroline (aka the wife) nagged me for yours to get a Siberian Husky

and after her doing A LOT of research into the breed, I gave in and in 2010 we got our first girl, Chinook!
Then, one became two and two became three and before you knew it, we had 7!! (and counting…)
I own my family butchers in the town of Crail, Fife, JB Penman Butchers, which can become busy and stressful so it’s good to have my dogs to chill out with and get them to the forest whenever I can go to let them do what they were born to do.
They absolutely love it!
I have raced for a few years; starting off in the 2 dog Nordic and now racing in the 4 dog Nordic class and myself and my dogs have ran all over the U.K., Europe and Scandinavia both in dry land competitions and on the sleds in snow competitions.
This Season, I have come on to the SDAS committee to help out in any way I can to make the race weekends run as smoothly as possible and try make it fun for all taking part! We are a very friendly bunch here at SDAS so if you ever need any help, please don’t hesitate to come up and ask, we don’t bite!! LOL
Check out my Family run Butchers here and if your in the area pop in and say Hi! Ive been told my meats the best by far 😉
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