Posted by: Sharon Turrell | 24 November, 2021

Darnaway Entry is now OPEN!

Please find below all the information you will need to enter our next race in the wonderful Darnaway Forest

This race held on the 11th and 12th of December 2021 is the second race in our Championship Series which is very kindly sponsored by the very amazing Skinners Dog Food!!!

Race and Venue information (including directions to the venue) can be found in the race invitation file. Categories to enter and payment details can be found in the entry form file.

Entries Close on Thursday the 9th December 2021

Camping is available on site for this event

As always, non-members are welcome, however, proof of insurance must be sent along with your entry

Entry Form(s) and Dog ID Form(s) must be filled in and sent to Sharon Turrell :

***Please note – entries will not be accepted if sent via any social media platforms***


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