Posted by: Mary Carter | 2 October, 2019

WSA Dryland World Championship Firle Estate, England


SDAS would like to invite its members with Registered Nordic Breeds to apply to represent Scotland as part of the SDAS Team attending the WSA World Championship at Firle Estate, East Sussex, England 14th – 18th November 2019.

The team will be chosen by the committee from those who have supported the SDAS Championship series and have well controlled, competitive teams.

Those wishing to be considered for the team must send an email immediately stating your chosen classes to

At this stage, applying will not guarantee your place on the team. The allocation for each nation is yet to be decided.

All applicants for the SDAS team MUST also register their entry  here:  and successful applicants will have their application confirmed by SDAS.


Stake-out & Vet check opens: 14th November @ 12:00 hrs
Vet check opens: 15th November @ 9:00 hrs
Team leader meeting: 15th November @ 14:30 hrs
Opening ceremony: 15th November @ 17:30 hrs
Team leader meeting: 16th November @ 8:00 hrs
First start first heat: 16th November @ 9:00 hrs
Mushers’ dinner: 16th November @ 19:00 hrs
Team leader meeting: 17th November @ 7:30 hrs
First start second heat: 17th November @ 8:30 hrs
Price giving ceremony: 17th November @ 16:00 hrs
Stake-out closes: 18th November @ 10:00 hrs

Race Marshall: Arno Steichler


The Fees are set by the WSA and are as follows:

Fee to secure starting places: €15 per place. This is a non-refundable fee that will be deducted from the starting fee. Should the championship need to be cancelled, this fee will remain with the organizers to cover the costs they incurred.
First start: €120 (this includes 1 voucher for the mushers’ dinner; additional vouchers for the mushers’ dinner can be bought)
Second start: €50
Juniors: Free
Late payment fees for entries/payments received after the first payment deadline: €20 (applies also to Juniors) plus international bank charges.

Successful applicants will be informed and  required to pay the full amount by the 24th October 2019.   This will be the GBP equivalent to the total in Euros plus an equal split of the bank charges at the time of currency conversion.


DR8-1 / DR8-2
DR6-1 / DR6-2
DR4-1 / DR4-2
DS2-1 / DS2-2 (including Juniors according to WSA Race Rules)
DSM1 / DSW1 (including Juniors/ Veterans according to WSA Race Rules)
DCM / DCW (including Juniors/ Veterans according to WSA Race Rules)
DBM / DBW (including Juniors/ Veterans according to WSA Race Rules)
Changes to classes entered can be made by the team leader up until the first team leader meeting on Friday (15th November @ 14:30 hrs).

Chip lists and speaker info will be collected during the vet check

More info can be found on the event website for competitors:




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