Posted by: Tracy Thomas | 15 April, 2018

Ford Estate Results

I think everyone who attended will agree, Ford Estate race was a lovely race to end the season. Thank you to our sponsors CSJ and The Happy Go Lucky Dog Company for their support throughout the season.

Special thanks to Ann and Victoria from The Happy Go Lucky Dog Company for coming to Ford today with their stall and bringing not only the race prizes and Championship winners prizes, but also the Rebecca Johnson 315 Memorial Purple Harness and silver cup, which the committee members, present, decided should be awarded to Max McMillan for being the most aspirational musher.

Max has raced as a junior for a number of years, he has shown great progress in several disciplines, from 1 dog rig, through 2 dog rig, canicross and bikejor, and his affection and dedication to his dogs is apparent at all times. He helps to set and dismantle the trail at every race he attends and is always on hand to help out with any logistical needs throughout the weekend. His parents should be tremendously proud of him and the example he sets. Well done Max, your harness is en route đŸ™‚

The date and venue for the AGM will be announced  soon, any proposals or suggestions should be sent by email to or by post to the secretary, Mary Carter at





PH10 6SF.

Nominations for new committee members would also be welcomed.

And finally, have a great summer, everyone, let’s hope its a short cold one and we can all be racing again soon.


oh…you want the results?

Okay then




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