Posted by: Tracy Thomas | 27 February, 2018

Ford Estate Entry

Below is a list of received entries for our race at Ford (in first name alphabetical order, thank you Tracy 🐭)

Please note this is not a seeded start list

If your name is not on the list or you aren’t listed under the correct category entered then please contact us via email on and Tracy will sort it out ASAP


Aileen Morton DCW
Alan Morton DR3
Andrew Falconer DR2NB
Archie McMillan DCJ 7-12
Bob McLeod DCM
Callum Barnett DCJ 13-18
Chantel Clark DCW
Colin Spalding DB, DS2NB, DS1
Gareth Hargreaves DR3NB
Gary Patterson DR6NB, DS2
Gilli McLeod DR3
Heather O’Donnell DR4NB
Jennifer Broadfoot DB
Kevin Broadfoot DCM
Lauren O’Connell DS2 Sunday only
Logan McMillan J1 8-12
Max McMillan DBJ 10-15
Pat Byrne DBNB, DS1NB
Paul O’Donnell DR2NB
Paul Robins DR6NB
Rob McMillan DR4, Rec
Stephanie O’Connell DCW Sunday only
Steve Barnett DCM
Steven Neat DR3
Stuart Hanson DBNB, DR3NB
Teresa Rennie DCW
Tim Ellis DCM, DB
Tracy Thomas DR2NB


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