Posted by: Tracy Thomas | 16 November, 2017

Darnaway entry and Membership renewal


Entry for Darnaway is now open.

Closing date s are;

Postal Wednesday 29 Nov 2017 (postmark)

Online Friday 1 Dec 2017 8PM

Entries will not be accepted without accompanying payment.


Entrants are reminded that helpers duties are compulsory. At every race we are experiencing difficulty in filling all marshal and helpers posts, despite the list being displayed at the start line.  If this continues, in the interests of safety and to ensure we don’t lose race venues as a result, we will halt the race until all posts have been filled. It is not fair on the committee members who are working all weekend to have to fill posts when people fail to do them.


Membership renewal is due at the beginning of December, the membership form can be found below. If you don’t already have a permanent race number, please contact Heather to obtain one.


Darnaway 2017 race invitation

Entry Form

Dog ID Form




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