Posted by: Mary Carter | 31 January, 2014

Entry Forms & Fees for WSA World Championship Kandersteg 2014



Please can all SDAS members applying to be part of the SDAS WSA Team Scotland for the World Championship in Kandersteg, Switzerland,  ensure they have completed and sent  their  SDAS-WSA-TEAM-SCOTLAND-APPLICATION form.    Due to the tight time schedule, those I have not already received will need to be sent via email to: prior to Monday 3rd February 2014.

The details for online entry are now on the WSA World Championship  website .   It is a compulsory requirement by the WSA board that the following forms:  chipliste_en  &  speakerinfo_en   are submitted at time of the nation’s entry.   No entry will be accepted without submission of these forms.    Please download complete these forms electronically,  save & forward to prior to Monday 3rd February 2014.

The SDAS competitor fees for entry are £100 per class entered.  For those who have already been in contact regarding their entry into this event, I shall give details, by email, of the SDAS bank account, for entrants to make a direct bank transfer of their entry fees. Any new applicants should request this info at their shortest convenience so the transfers can be made  prior to Monday 3rd February 2014.

Thank you





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